Arid Landscapes – Projects Since 1980

Aridlandscapes WA has been in operation now for well over 40 years, beginnings in the ’80s


Initial projects contractors for MRWA (Main Roads WA) for revegetation by direct seeding of roadside borrow pits in the Gascoyne and then later years with the Pilbara Mining Industry.


Seed harvest/supply has been our core activity for over 30 years and maintaining a large seed bank for long-term project planning. Consultants for seed design/revegetation, seedling supply, training for rehabilitation techniques, nursery management many horticultural aspects specializing for the North West are our main activities for the privately owned business centrally located in Carnarvon WA.


Our business also assists the management of the Carnarvon Town Arboretum for the Shire on a voluntary basis through the Carnarvon Tree Society as a Patron Clients such as Rio Tinto, BHP and State Govt are just some of the main businesses we have worked with over many years Coastal regeneration has been some of our main projects of late.


Working with Aboriginal Resource Centres, NT/QLD/ as well as in the Gascoyne and Pilbara is one of our specialized projects, especially for all training aspects,  Namely  Seed harvesting and rehabilitation projects.
Supply of cut flowers and seed packets to individual requirements are our latest projects as well as specialized orders for medicinal/food species that grow mainly in the Pilbara and Gascoyne.


Downsized Medium Commercial sized nursery of 50,000 capacity seedlings to smaller nursery, capacity 5,000 specializing in regional endemic species = medicinal/edible qualities for special project orders, maintaining a seed supply of species from northwest WA.


Operate new light mobile equipment for Direct Seeding Revegetation from Shark Bay to Pilbara Projects, Consulting on nursery establishment remote communities and mining.


Consulting for companies operating for mining in the Pilbara for direct seeding, seed and seedling supply, designing seed species list for rehabilitation projects revegetation with local endemic species, flora survey and seed harvesting for maintaining seed banks


Established a new cut flower, everlasting operation with its own private arboretum under irrigation.
Work @ Shark Bay Yadgalah Aboriginal Corporation direct seeding project Monkey Mia, ( RAC ) seedling supplies consulting on seed harvesting species for landscaping.


Who is Greening Australia?

Greening Australia was established nationally in 1982 (The Year of the Tree) and became a federated organization in July 2006. With an office in every State and Territory, Greening Australia is now the largest not for profit environmental organization in Australia.Our mission: To engage the community in vegetation management to protect and restore the health, diversity and productivity of our unique Australian landscapes.As a federation we address the issues affecting Australia’s landscapes which are; climate change, loss of biodiversity, river quality, and degraded land.

More information on Greening Australia can be found at: