Northern W.A. Variety Pink, White, Yellow Everlastings

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp rosea


Should be cultivated to a fine tilth and totally weed free for optimum results. Surface sow & rake in very lightly, not all seeds need to be covered. At the most, seeds should only be buried a few millimetres. If not that well prepared, turn soil over freshly & direct seed onto the rough surface, but do not harrow or rake in afterwards


Spray out with a glyphosate spray. Remove, burn or plough in dried weeds. After germination, you can follow up with a light spray of Fusillade to control any grasses which may germinate, especially Rye grass or Veldt grass.


If the area is likely to be infested with Red Legged Earth Mite, you will need to overspray with a miticide after the first rain post sowing. Possibly another application 2 weeks later, depending on the presence of these mites. Slugs & snails will devour germinating everlasting seeds also. If these are present, they will need to be baited during the seedling establishment period.

Seeding Rate

As a general rule, allow one gram of seed per square metre.


Use a complete lawn type fertiliser, with urea present in the mix. Remember, the everlastings are winter growing annuals & have the same nutrient requirements as many winter growing weeds. As an example, Cape Weed enjoys exactly the same conditions!

Keep seeded area free from animals & other foot traffic. Germination should take place within a week or two from the first rain after sowing. Flowering should begin within 2 months from germination & continue while soil moisture is available.