About Us

Aridlandscapes WA, a Sole Trader small business has been in operation now for over 40 years, beginnings in the 80’s

Initial projects contractors for MRWA (Main Roads WA) for revegetation by direct seeding of roadside borrows pits in the Gascoyne and then later years with the Mining Pilbara Industry

Seed harvest/supply has been our core activity for over 30 years and maintaining a large seed bank for long term project planning

Consultants for seed design/revegetation, seedling supply, training for rehabilitation techniques, nursery management many horticultural aspects specialising for the North West are our main activities for the privately owned business centrally located in Carnarvon WA

Our business also assists management of the Carnarvon Town Arboretum for the Shire on a voluntary basis through the Carnarvon Tree Society as a Patron

Clients such as Rio Tinto, BHP and State Govt are just some of our main businesses we have worked with over many years

Coastal regeneration has been some of our main projects of late

Working with Aboriginal Resource Centres, NT/QLD/ as well as in the Gascoyne and Pilbara is one of our specialised projects, especially for all training aspects, namely seed harvesting and rehabilitation projects
Supply of cut flowers and seed packets to individual requirements are our latest projects as well as specialised orders for medicinal/food species that grow mainly in the Pilbara and Gascoyne

The business has a small fleet, a 4WD Expedition vehicle, a 4WD Station Wagon, a 4WD Sedan, all for seed harvesting and other field trips as required

Now with our new web site we plan to supply seed direct to individual customers while also supplying bulk seed to the Seed Merchants

This new venture is in no way a full on competitive activity for the seed trade as a whole but a very specialised small operation that is limited to specific client’s needs = home nurseries/gardens.

Dave Bauer